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Online gambling such as ibet888 gained popularity in the 1990’s. The number of people who engage in online gambling continues to soar even as governments fail to legalize this sport. Governments have different reasons for prohibiting this sport. However, this does not stop people from engaging in online gambling gambling. The amount of money that is involved in this sport is in billions of dollars every year. This implies that governments that regulate this sport earn a lot of money in terms of taxes. Legalizing the sport allows the government to control it. This way crimes such as money laundering are curbed. Failure to regulate this sport creates an environment for other online crimes to thrive. Money laundering is one of the crimes that thrives in any unregulated money transactions in the internet. Therefore, this vice continues to thrive due to the fact that most countries in Europe deem online gambling as a crime.People are able to access online gambling sites and participate in the games even from prohibited locations. This is done through use of software’s that can conceal the ip address of the user. This creates a problem because theft of money takes place and cannot be reported to law enforcement agencies. Credit cards are mostly used to make payments. This allows hackers to get into users accounts and drain them. Most of these cases go unreported because victims know they will also be incarcerated for engaging in online gambling which is an illegal act. Consequentially,other crimes are thriving due to failure by government to legalize online gambling. The government can be able to monitor usage of gambling sites if it legalizes online gambling. This can help reduce addiction to online gambling that some countries cite as the reason gambling should be banned. This doesn’t help in any way because most people who would still have gambled online if it was legal still engage in the act through licensed gambling sites in other countries. This implies that governments have failed to reap the benefits of online gambling while also allowing other online crimes thrive.

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